Message from Coordinator

I am pleased to introduce the Department of Life Sciences at Kathmandu University, which is established in 2020 AD and offers Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B. Sc. Ag) program with the slogan of ‘Learn Smart: Grow Smart’. The program is located in one of the well-known agricultural city, “Panchkhal” where majority of population is engaged in commercial farming.

Staying true to our slogan, the program aims to produce technically and academically sound graduates equipped with art and science of modern agriculture system to develop themselves as future agro-entrepreneur supporting to the nation’s prosperity.

We develop our graduates through quality education fortified with standard teaching and learning module. The major strength of the program at Panchkhal is availability of well-equipped laboratories, agriculture field and resourceful library. In addition, we regularly organize field visits, interaction programs with farmers, webinars and workshops for exposure to students on modern techniques, new findings, challenges, opportunities and gaps of agriculture sector, which will help them to grow their confidence and linkage for the better future.

Our motto is to impart education not just for learning but to pay back to the community and society in the form of various life-skills and knowledge. Since agriculture is the backbone of our nation, we acknowledge ourselves for leading our nation to a more prosper future through our students.

I wish to move forward together, learn together and lead together.


Dr. Kumar Lama


Department of Life Sciences